Saturday, October 6, 2018

Whiney Love Song

All I ever wanted was the one
I know you’re out there somewhere
Someone saved my life tonight?
I know I can be saved by the music
one more time.

But it’s true, all I ever wanted was to love and be loved. I give up everything more than once for a home that would really happen and be permanent, unconditional, and all encompassing, but it didn’t work. Still, I’ll try it again in a minute. Faster than that even, given the opportunity. I suppose that attracts the greedy and the users. There sure are a lot of them out there.

Did you ever fall in love and give it all?
Were you ever so happy you could die?
But all you wanted to do was live another day
With the one who made you feel that way.
Natural high.

I’ve been blessed to feel that way more than once in this life. The ability to unconditionally trust is more seductive even than the ability to unconditionally love and I, for better or worse, can do both. It has been my blessing to feel the fleeting moments of euphoria and my curse to feel the nearly permanent betrayal of the being taken for everything.

Remember those moments that felt like forever
Those times when emotions are so strong
They just swept you off your feet or froze you in your tracks
Those moments are where you belong

Remember those moments that meant everything
Those times you never wanted to end
May you be blessed with remembering
And sharing those times with a friend

For whatever life is
Whatever we do
The meaning is what makes us smile

So give it your all
Whether you fly or fall
and please stop changing dial

It’s your life you should be watching
Your life you should be living
you are the star of your show

So fill it with the motion
Your promise and devotion
Plant your seed and then help it grow

(repeat something profound)