Wednesday, December 5, 2012


it is said that desire wanes with age
and in this life that is what i've seen
a man turns to material things
to prove his worth, but what does it mean?

people gather around wealth
so loneliness abates
and comfort can turn into love
and people find mates

but who can love without money
where is the pure desire?
in this modern culture
hearts do not know fire

bodies lust, minds greed
passion's bought and sold
money replaces human need
and desire grows old
and desire grows old

a few cast of material things
a few dare give up wealth
desire can't be bought or sold
and even risking health

a few value trust above all else
a few understand love
a few let desire lead the way
a few can rise above

the body lust and the mind's greed
to chase a dream alone
to let desire lead the way
beyond all we can own

to dare to face the loneliness
with nothing more to give
than the purest heart's desire
as the reason to live

bodies lust, minds greed
passion's bought and sold
but when love is all a man needs
no desire grows old
no desire grows old

no... desire does not grow old