Sunday, September 2, 2018

Empathy In A World Of Lies

I don’t listen much to people anymore because I don’t want to hear the lies. Lies don’t just hurt my ears, lies hurt my heart because I know a liar is hurting more than I am. Lies hurt. Empathy sucks in a world of hurt. Lies are born in fear. Lives are killed in fear. Lies are made of fear. They confuse, distort, and abuse anyone listening and anything they are spoken about. It may not be intentional harm, and often it is not. But it is harm nonetheless. It is sad that so many would rather harm than face their fears. It is especially sad when most of the fears are delusional. Fear is born of ignorance. Ignorance is often a choice to close one's mind, to close one's heart, and to believe the lies that others tell. We want to excuse the child and claim the child knows no better, but when the child grows up the child knows better. The child, when grown, chooses The ignorance, the fear, and the lies that defend it. When the reality of truth gets too close the lies turn to violence. To the delusion that violence is necessary. This path will be the destruction of the species unless enough people choose love over fear, knowledge over ignorance, and truth over lies.