Friday, July 1, 2016

Stinky Bed (Agape Largesse)

I have a stinky bed
it's not good for my head
the sheets need washing bad
it kind of makes me sad
I must get to a laundromat
it would be good if it was stat
there is no place where i feel clean
do you know what I mean?

I know somebody cares about me
just no one cares enough
to know the life I live today
and that makes smiling tough
I still feel happiness inside
as I always did
but there's a part of me that died
when I was a kid

longing for a mother's love
longing for a god above
longing for the unconditional trust
that allows love and lust

longing for the limitless
longing for the great egress
longing for the metabolic process
that allows convalesce
to acquiesce
fully express
pure happiness
without repress
without suppress
without the mess
of the abscess
of distress
or depress
agape largesse

all it takes is caring
all it takes is sharing
all it takes is hearing
each other's heart beats

all it takes is knowing what to do
maybe this has happened to you too
it all comes together when you find a heart that's true
and wash the stinking sheets
just wash the stinking sheets
please wash the stinking sheets

(laughter, combining child-like wonder with mischief that means no harm... if you know what I mean and if you do... I'm waiting here for you all this life I've been waiting for you)

so what else is new? lol lam lal laa :)