Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sycophants and Vultures

I have gained a lot of knowledge through education
I have gained even more through experience
I have had success that others only dream of
I have left it all behind at great expense

I have flown to the top of the mountain
I have sunk to the depths of destitution
I make choices that got me to everywhere I've been
I wanted to know how it feels to be human

And all I've learn through all the ups and downs
is you can't always trust a smile or a frown

people are puzzles with pieces missing
pieces they hide from even themselves
sometimes priorities are so disordered
they hide in books they keep on their shelves

Ones who are seen as the most successful
are often the unhappiest humans alive
Ones who are seen as total failures
often know joy is in how they survive
(often know best how to make joy survive)

What are the standards that bring us respect
What are the fears that make us reject
all we pretend to believe under steeples
matters little when we are judging people

So you can keep all of your gold and your glitter
the respect it brings is shallow and cold
the truth will surround you when you least expect it
with sycophants and vultures when you are old