Saturday, April 6, 2013

kinda sad

and the music leads me to remember amidst the bliss of the celebration of life and being in the moment, some things are missing... it has been so long since the child inside was set free to come out to play without any set rules or inhibitions, i mean completely free of self-consciousness in the pure innocence only the child knows and can actualize... and it has been even longer since someone cared enough to help give the child that freedom for a while, a day, an hour, a moment, by being 'parent' or best friend and pulling the child back from the edge if we bounced too close to upsetting the grown up world... so long since the unconditional trust was actualized... so long since the child took the wheel and let go of all the fears and inhibitions... so long since the letting go... lonely...

sad, actually...

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